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Day Sail Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this ticket, the passenger acknowledges and agrees to the conditions of carriage as stated herein:

1. Neither VOYAGE charters BVI, the vessel and or the owner of the vessel nor it’s servants or members shall be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any injury loss, damage or death arising from any causes whatsoever during the period of the cruise (including embarking and disembarking) whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

2.Once aboard the vessel, passengers fall under the direct and legal authority of the master of the vessel and undertake to comply with any instruction/requests made on them during the cruise.

3. VOYAGE charters BVI have the right to charge passengers for any damage they do to the craft, her fittings and fixtures through negligence, misconduct or other means.

4.Passengers, at all times, undertake to conduct themselves in such a manner as not to cause offense or discomfort to other passengers and crew.

5.Passengers must present a valid ticket to the Captain prior to boarding.


Confirmation and Cancellation Policy for Private Day Charter

Mystique Charters – Operated by VOYAGE charters BVI LTD.

Vessel Cancellation Policy

  • Should it be that the operator cancels due to mechanical failure and or any unforeseen event other than weather conditions as mentioned below, the operator will provide a full re-fund of the 50 % deposit.

  • The charterer agrees, 72 hours prior to the start date of the charter, to pay the due balance of 50%. In the event that the charterer cancels the charter, 72 hours or less prior to departure, the 50% deposit will apply as a cancellation fee.

  • In the event the vessel’s operator cancels the charter due to bad weather a credit will be held and the charter will be rolled forward to an agreed future date. In some instances the operator may consider a full refund pending certain circumstances.

The following weather conditions may result in trip cancellations

1.Winds in excess of 25 knots

2.Seas in excess of 5 feet

3.Heavy precipitation

4.Limited visibility

5.Hazardous marine life warnings

6.Any combination of the above

The operator, VOYAGE charters BVI LTD and or any managing authorities retain the right to cancel trips due to the presence of any of the aforementioned conditions at any time and without prior notice.

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