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Antigua Sailing Week

Antigua Sailing Week 2015

Catamaran Adventure Charters is thrilled to have competed in ASW 2015!

Our two vessels competed fiercely for the week, and all aboard enjoyed the healthy and friendly competition!

A huge thanks to the First Place Vessel Frigidaire, with Captain Linz and Mates Graham, Jake and Rob! We had a wonderful time and the crew was stellar!

Second in Class was CAC entry CAT, with Captain Jim and Mates Anna, Jamie, and Justin. The crew of CAT sailed well, and a friendly rivalry helped throughout the week to push all crews to focus and preform at the top of their game!

Thank you to our participating Guests and everyone at ASW for making ASW 2015 a memorable and winning experience for all involved! We look forward to continued participation in ASW in the future, hoping to expand the field and work closely with the organizers to bring more cruising catamarans to the event. Hope to see you there!


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